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Green Initiatives

Pacific Crest Real Estate has embraced Green Initiatives and is committed to being an environmental leader in our industry and to lower our carbon footprint. We believe that these initiatives not only benefit the health and pocketbooks of our residents, but our investors benefit by the lower operating costs that result. We are a proud member of the ENERGY STAR® network.

Interior Air Quality

  • All paints used in interior of units are low VOC and contain no Ethylene Glycol or other toxic air contaminants.

Recycling / Renewing

  • All of our communities offer recycling bins on-site if space allows.
  • 37% of our carpet is made from renewable sources (primarily from corn sugar) instead of petroleum-based ingredients found in most other carpets. Production of these renewable sources requires 30% less energy than the production of an equal amount of nylon and reduces greenhouse gas emission by 63%.

Energy Reduction

  • All replaced appliances are ENERGY STAR® rated
  • All common area lighting replaced with LED and compact fluorescent lighting

Water Conservation

  • High-performance faucets, showerheads and toilets that save water
  • Landscaping replaced over time with native, drought-tolerant vegetation

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